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 Host Problems i can help the Clan by Upp-Terror

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PostSubject: Host Problems i can help the Clan by Upp-Terror   Fri May 02, 2014 10:19 pm

I heard your hoster Infinity has problems with hosting because Owner want's take a break, so i can give you my Service:

I can host the [Lunia] RPG Server on Day 6-7 Hour's, on Saturday and Sunday 12-13 Hour's hosting.

When your Clan have interest or don't find other hoster, you can contact me on Skype name is jackone24
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PostSubject: Re: Host Problems i can help the Clan by Upp-Terror   Sat May 03, 2014 1:00 am

I think I am tired of this shit. I am quitting cs2d so that means the whole clans split ups too!!!

Ps Just kidding. I think i gonna host the server for myself. That will make much easier to update the script or edit it! Ps I got 100 mb/s download speed and 10+mb/s upload speed. I think it will work. I tried on taijins connection for some minutes ago. And he pinged like 53 or smt. I think i will work out.

But the bad part of me hosting the server is.... I can not host it 24/7. I can host the server mostly like 10 hours a day when my computer are online!

Long Live Lunia!

///All Regards Promaster
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Host Problems i can help the Clan by Upp-Terror
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