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 Very Huge Bug Report!

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Very Huge Bug Report! Empty
PostSubject: Very Huge Bug Report!   Very Huge Bug Report! EmptyTue May 06, 2014 5:02 pm

Hey guys.. I have found a really really huge bug. I hope I will get at least 250 G coins, because I have never seen so big bug (I have also solution for this).

You just have to connect with your USGN, then use that fine !rate and get reward. Then disconnect, join without USGN and do it again. Drop somewhere money (where you have left when you were connected to USGN), disconnect, connect with USGN, take it and you have another 5 000$. I did it 5 times ---> I have 25 000$ (I could do it even 50 times and say nothing, so don't ban me for that please Wink).
I think that someone already know about it and abuse it much. I decided to report it, because the game lost it's point.

Solution - Make able to use !rate command only USGN connected players (you should also restart stats again).

USGN - 103227 (just if you want reward me for this report)
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Very Huge Bug Report! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Very Huge Bug Report!   Very Huge Bug Report! EmptyTue May 06, 2014 6:33 pm

You Account has been added 100 G coins and you can keep that 25 000$.! Thanks you for your report! Smile

Bug fixed (Y)


Long Live Lunia!

///All Regards Promaster
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Very Huge Bug Report!
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