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PostSubject: Mana Fountain   Mana Fountain EmptySun Mar 08, 2015 4:28 am

I think there should be a mana fountain in every city. By fountain i mean a place where you regenerate your mana. Such as the inn in eveyr town to regen hp.
Because i have a healer and unless i use a potion i regen mana incredibly slowly. I can use 1 spell every 3 or 4 monsters i kill using the bow. Its insanely slow, and by using mana potions constantly(with the 180$ price) i´d get less money than i get by killing monsters.
So basically all my points in int (all of them) are almost useless. The only way to get mana would be to wait an hour while moving every minute to not get kicked. I don´t think that´s the idea of the game.
Such a fountain would obviusly not be free, just like the health fountain.
If you think it´s unfair to the wizards whose trait is the mana regen, think about this: healer´s trait is hp regen and wizards can go to the health fountain inn for 30$ and fully regen fastly. Healers have to wait tons of time or spend 180$ for every 40 mana (and im just lvl 13 and have over 400 mana, so to fully regenerate mana it would be over 1800$ against the 30$ for hp)

If you need help with the lua code for it i could help, just email me Very Happy

Best regards, Nickitolas.
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PostSubject: Re: Mana Fountain   Mana Fountain EmptySun Mar 08, 2015 8:27 pm

Do you have skype? Add me there instead, Cause i am not that active on this forum atm, I am still figuring out how i can financiate the vps and stuffs before i work on cs2d servers again.

Skype username: Alexkiller2895
Named as: Kim Yong UN

Long Live Lunia!

///All Regards Promaster
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Mana Fountain
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